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  1. I love bikes.  I love riding them, and I love working on them.

  1. I worked in bike shops for over 10 years and have been wrenching for friends and others for another 10.

  1. I do high quality, nice work.  I don't cut corners, and I won't fix something if it can't be done right. 

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike:


Below are pictures of my home-made Fox Lockout.  If you're remotely mechanically inclined, you can set up your own lockout for $50 or less (the most expensive piece is the remote lever).  This is by no means the only way to do it, but I hope my ideas and solutions (largely borrowed from others who have done something similar) will help some folks come up with something that works for them.  $150-$200 is just too much to spend on something so simple.  This system works flawlessly and with precision.  Go to YouTube and punch in "Fox Lockout" and you'll see a half dozen similar solutions, but few explain how to do it.  This set up works with RL forks, but with some modification, you should be able to do the same thing on an RLC.