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What my clients have to say:

"Al's one of the few trustworthy bike mechanics out there.  He takes care of all of my bikes (and then some) and always goes the extra mile to ensure that my bike is working properly even when it wasn't on the list of things he's was to do.  He's very knowledgeable about bikes, bike parts and bike maintenance and always offers sound advice and answer any questions I have about my bike and how to keep it in working condition.  I'll continue to take my bike to Al and would recommend all my friends to take their bikes to him as well.  Thanks Al!!" - Paul N.

"Al rebuilt my old Bianchi and worked wonders!  His advice and adjustments on fit made it an even more comfortable ride, too.  It's like riding a new bike.  He also answered all my questions and gave great advice while I was shopping for parts.  His work created a super result.  I won't hesitate to refer my friends to him.  Thanks, Al!" -Michelle M.

"Al rocks! I purchased a used road bike and rode it once, it was noisy, it didn't shift or brake properly, and the chain broke! I brought it in to Al for a full overhaul and now it rides like an absolute dream, I haven't had a bike run this smooth _brand new_. Not only does Al take the time to update you during your service, but he goes through and details the condition of the various parts he works on, he even went and picked up the parts I needed just because he's cool like that. I'm not sure if there are any types of work not listed on his website, but don't be afraid to ask him if you have something specific in mind! Al charges less, and does better quality work than any bike shop I've been to, so long as I'm in Colorado I'm not going anywhere else with my bike. I would (and have) recommended Al to anyone needing any type of bike service whatsoever." -L.B. "Aekero," Ken Caryl, CO

“I have been extremely happy with the service I get from Al.  He built up my new road bike, including disassembling my old bike, cleaning all components, and assembling the new bike.  After his work on my road bike, he converted an old steel frame 10 speed to a single speed for me.  He recommended the best options to me in each scenario and has given me tips for maintenance after he worked on the bikes.  On top of his excellent work, he is an enthusiastic guy who is a pleasure to work with.  I’ve now recommended him to all of my cycling buddies.  He has great prices and does quality work, and I trust him completely.  You can’t beat that.” - K. H.

"Al tuned my $6,500 road bike, and made an ancient mountain bike ridable again.  Al told me what he thought it needed for upgrades, got the parts and gave me back some nice tune ups!  It seems to me that he can do just about anything.  He's my man for all my bikes in the future!" - L.S.

"My experience with Al’s Hub was nothing but great.  The work done was top notch and the turn around time was extremely fast.  Al built up a high end road bike for my girlfriend.  He provided superb input on the build and was able to find some parts I didn’t have at a great price.  I definitely plan on doing more business with Al’s Hub in the future."  - M.E.

"I bought a used mountain bike that was a wreck to say the least. Al went through it and basically rebuilt the whole bike. Al helped me pick out all the right parts and fit the bike to me perfectly. Without Al`s knowledge and attention to detail this project would have never gotten done. He`s the best there is and far more inexpensive and knowledgable than anyone else i`ve delt with in the past. My bike`s will be serviced by Al for the rest of my life. AAAAAA++++++++++"  -B.G.

"I wanted to customize my road bike with new components & a new paint job.  Before I got it painted, he helped me understand the specs & details of what we needed to do to get the frame ready. He took the bike to his shop, stripped the parts from the frame and had it ready to go. When the frame was painted, I brought all the pieces back to Al, along with some new components. The bike in Al's hands was brought together FAST!


"I was most impressed with his way of communicating the details of the job throughout & that he’d arranged his daily schedule in whatever way, to simply get the job done speedier.  I’m really psyched with the sweet road bike he helped me with! Basically, it was exactly how I wanted it, everything was done right & I’ve been enjoying the nice ride ever since.   Highly Recommended Bike-Mechanic!"  -A. M.

"Al- Thanks for helping me save hundreds of dollars on a bike that I love!! When I first found the bike I wanted on the internet, I was concerned about how to get professional level assembly and checking of all components. Then I found your web site. The combination of the competition on the internet and your services was a real winner for me. I have been riding my new bike for a couple of months and it is great. Thanks!"  -J.W.

"Al has worked on all four of my bikes.  Being 60 years old and doing the Ride the Rockies and the Triple By Pass, he has retrofitted my 2004, 5200 Trek road bike so that it works with 5 different cassettes and a mtb derailleur.  So no matter if I am riding the plains or going over Trail Ridge, I am geared correctly.  I also have two set of wheels for training and for the different tours which he trued.  I have two commuting bikes, an older Gary Fischer mtb bike with fat tires for snow and ice, plus a 1999 Cannondale hybrid, which he has put in fine shape.  Finally, I have a 2000 Trek 8000 mtb which I use for training on the dirt trails in Broomfield.  I have two set of tires and wheels, ranging from 125 to 195, depending on what training I am doing that day.  He also installed a remote controlled lock out fork for that bike.  He is now currently changing my son’s compact to a triple.  I feel he does excellent work." -P.TB.


  1. I love bikes.  I love riding them, and I love working on them.

  1. I worked in bike shops for over 10 years and have been wrenching for friends and others for another 10.

  1. I do high quality, nice work.  I don't cut corners, and I won't fix something if it can't be done right. 

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike:

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike: