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Other Services:

I can also perform other services at owner's request, but each service will be quoted separately as there is much variation between systems.   Such services include, but are not limited to:

Quick Tune: $25

  1. -"Spot" check entire bike.  Adjust shifting, braking, anything loose (headset, hubs, cranks, etc), tire pressure, etc

Tune w/ Drivetrain cleaning: $70

  1. -Same as "Full Tune," above, but with a full disassembly, degrease, scrub, clean, reinstall and lube of the drive train (chain, drive crank & chainrings, derailleurs, and cassette/ sprocket).

Pack 4 Ship: $40

  1. -Pack bike for shipping.  Will provide box and all packing material.  Double-wall on sides, full frame coverage, fork brace, padding, small parts box, etc.

Tune, Detail & Sell on e-bay: $60 + 15% consignment

  1. -I will perform a full tune on your bike, stripping and cleaning/ detailing every nook and cranny.  With the bike polished up, I will take high-resolution photos and post your bike for sale on e-bay and Craigslist.  I will cover listing fees and field all questions/ inquiries, pack and ship the bike (if not local).  You pay for the tune and detail, shipping costs (usually built into the auction price) and I get 15% of the sale.  We will work out auction details (Buy It Now or Reserve Prices, etc) together.

Build (shipped or boxed bike- a complete build from the ground-up is the same as an overhaul): $35

  1. -If you've had a complete bike shipped to you (ebay, etc), I can build it up and get everything in working order.  This includes a basic "quick tune."  More often than not, shipped bikes should have a full tune (see below).

Build & Full Tune: $65

  1. - Same as above, adding a full tune to the bike after assembly.  Most shipped bikes need wheels trued and spokes tensioned, headsets adjusted, brakes adjusted and gears/ shifters adjusted- more than just a "quick tune."

Suspension Rebuild (seals, etc): $65+parts

  1. -Most front forks and many rear shocks.  Includes pulling apart, draining, cleaning, inspection, replacing seals, new fluid, rebuild, and tuning to your specifications (for which I can make recommendations, if you like).*

True Wheels: $10 for one, $15 for both

Tubeless conversion: $25

  1. -If not UST tires/ rims, you will need to provide the kit.  I recommend Pricepoint or JensonUSA for the best deals on Stans kits.  Do note that some rim and tire combinations do not work.  I can help you with this homework.

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $20

  1. -I can do most common brakes.  Some random systems I may not be able to bleed.*

Single Speed Conversions: $20-$50

  1. -You tell me what you have, and I'll tell you what you need.  Depending on complexity, this can vary quite a bit.

Teaching/ Instruction while doing any job: +$15/hour

        -Because this is a hobby, I often fit in doing the work late at night or while my daughter's sleeping, or in a schedule that works best        

        with my family.  Having said that, I love to teach people how to take care of their bikes.  If you want to schedule a time for us to

        work together, we can do so, and I will charge an additional $10/ hour for the instruction.  Keep in mind that this also means that

        most services will take about twice as long as normal.

*Though I have many years of experience and a fairly comprehensive set of bike-specific tools, there ARE some things I cannot do (or just don't want to do) for various reasons.  I will be honest and up-front with you, and recommend a good, trustworthy shop if there's something either out of my league or that requires specialized tools that I don't own.



  1. I love bikes.  I love riding them, and I love working on them.

  1. I worked in bike shops for over 10 years and have been wrenching for friends and others for another 10.

  1. I do high quality, nice work.  I don't cut corners, and I won't fix something if it can't be done right. 

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike:

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike: