Full Overhaul: $115

A full overhaul means that I will completely strip your frame and rebuild it from the ground up.  Most shops charge over $200+.

I will remove, clean, inspect, lube and reinstall the complete drivetrain, both hubs, headset, bottom bracket, brakes, forks, etc.

An overhaul is your best service for higher-end bikes, though I recommend it for most everyone at least once a year depending on mileage. Greasing the bottom bracket, headset, hubs (if sealed, then cleaning and inspecting surface and wear), etc, will keep your equipment running in tip-top shape and improve your bike's (and your) performance. An overhaul is also the best way to address any creaks, squeaks, or other issues you may be having.

On top of the strip and rebuild, the overhaul includes new cables and housing (unless yours are in like-new condition). It also includes all aspects of a tune-up (see right). Any additional or special (e.g., teflon coated cables, new bearings if yours are thrashed) parts will need to be purchased at the owners expense (though I can often purchase these parts for you if you know what you need/ want and you can reimburse upon pickup). I will also re-wrap handlebars, but tape needs to be provided.*

An overhaul is also an excellent option if you are upgrading any parts/ groupo/ forks, or if you have a new frame, etc

Hydraulic Brake bleeding is an additional $15

*If choosing a Full Overhaul, I highly recommend replacing handlebar tape and brake pads if needed.  I will make recommendations on chain replacement once I measure for stretch, but most chains should be replaced between 1000-2000 miles.

Al’s Hub
Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

Full Tune: $55

A tune up will cover inspection, lubrication (where appropriate) and adjustment of the entire bike, including:

  1. Shifting

    -Adjust cable tension

    -Adjust limit screws

    -Clean and lube chain

    -Inspect derailleur pulley wheels, clean and lube

  1. Braking*

    -Inspect levers (lube where necessary)

    -Inspect cables

    -Inspect brakes (spring tension, etc)

    -Inspect brake pads (file and scuff where appropriate)

  1. Drive Train

    -Wipe clean, inspect and lube chain,

    -Wipe clean, inspect and lube cassette/ freewheel

    -Wipe clean, inspect and tighten cranks and chainrings

  1. Hubs

    -Inspect and adjust where necessary

  1. True wheels/ tension spokes

  2. Inspect tires and adjust PSI as necessary

  3. Headset

    -Inspect and adjust where necessary

  1. Adjust Stem Alignment

  2. Inspect and adjust all bolts/ parts/ pieces

Hydraulic Brake bleeding is an additional $15

* If you also want your complete drivetrain pulled, cleaned and detailed with a parts cleaner (recommended), you can opt for a Full Tune + Drivetrain Cleaning for $70 (see Other Services)


  1. I love bikes.  I love riding them, and I love working on them.

  2. I worked in bike shops for over 10 years and have been wrenching for friends and others for another 10+. 

  3. The Majority of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

  4. I do high quality, nice work.  I don't cut corners, and I won't fix something if it can't be done right. 

  1. *Both Overhauls and Tune-Ups include (if desired) bike fit and adjustments, with recommendations for increasing/ decreasing stem length, seat/ seatpost (height/ fore-aft/ layback), handlebar rotation/ sweep, brake lever position, and basic suspension tuning.

*      CLEANING: All bikes have a little dirt on them (we hope- that means they're being ridden!)- however, if your bike is covered in dirt and/or street grime that I determine needs to be cleaned in order to service it, there will be an additional $10 charge for cleaning.


Most services and needs are covered in either a Full Overhaul or Full Tune (below).  I prefer to work in these two formats as I believe the whole bike should be tuned/ adjusted at every opportunity.  I have, however, put together another list of services I often get asked about (see Other Services).

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike: al@alshub.com

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike: al@alshub.com

As of April 1, 2011, I am no longer taking in new clients.  Two small kiddos and just not enough time to ride, much less keep my own bike in shape :).  I hope to re-open the hub again some day.  I’m always available for questions via e-mail (click to send me a message).  All the Best- Almailto:al@alshub.com?subject=mailto:al@alshub.com?subject=shapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1