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Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

How it works:

I prefer to be contacted by e-mail initially.  This way, I have a record of you, your name, your bike, etc- and I can respond when it's convenient (instead of in the middle of dinner).

I live in Golden and work in Denver.  Typically, new clients prefer to bring bikes to one of these locations.  If Denver works better for you, we can arrange something during the weekdays, otherwise, evenings and weekends in Golden (my place is just near Apex Park, no more than 15 minutes from downtown Denver). 

My turn-around is pretty fast, but is dependent on other bikes and things like my family and personal commitments (this is, after all, a hobby).  During the summer, plan on 1 week to 10 days for a Full Overhaul, and typically 1 week for a Full Tune (this is completely dependent on my family plans, which always come first :)).  I will give your bike a once over when I get it and let you know if there appears to be anything out-of-line or if there are any parts we might need to get the job done.  Similarly, once I start a job, I will notify you if there are any parts or items we need. 

When the work is complete, I will send you an incredibly detailed breakdown of everything I've done with any notes/ considerations and we'll work out a time/ place for you to pick up your bike and get back to riding!  Cash only.


  1. I love bikes.  I love riding them, and I love working on them.

  1. I worked in bike shops for over 10 years and have been wrenching for friends and others for another 10.

  1. I do high quality, nice work.  I don't cut corners, and I won't fix something if it can't be done right. 

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike:

Shoot me an e-mail with your service needs and we'll set up a time to drop off your bike: